RM 5.1 conditional editing issue

When I edit a conditional statement and remove an AND with one of the statements I can then select AND but it never asks for the statement i want to add only AND or OR and I have to end up deleting the AND again and hitting done to conditional statements then edit it again and then I can choose AND and choose the statement. This is with firmware

Editing Conditional Actions must be done with extreme care and attention to detail, or the action will be broken and need to be replaced. There are two different aspects of a Conditional Action that you may want to modify. One are the Conditions, and the other is the logical structure of the Expression. To modify Conditions, you use the Manage Conditions box at the bottom of the Actions page. You must be careful that the Condition you edit is the right one for the Conditional Action you want to change. You can also create new Conditions here if needed:

If what you want to do is to change the logical structure of the Conditional Action,
first, you select Edit Action for the Conditional Action you want to modify:

Next, you would click on Edit IF Expression THEN, the middle button that comes up at the bottom of the page:

That brings up the selectors to delete or insert elements into the logical structure of the Expression:

When you pull down the Delete Expression element(s) pull down, you can see the existing logical structure of the Expression, and you can choose which element you want to remove. You must be careful, because that element will have to be replaced by a comparable element to maintain the structure of the Expression. You could for example, replace an AND with an OR, or vice versa, but one of them will have to be in that position within the expression, or the whole thing won't make sense. You can add new elements using the Insert before Expression element pull down; this determines where in the logical Expression a new element is to be added:

When you select where in the Expression you want to insert an element, another pull down is presented to allow you to choose the element to insert:

Notice that every possible logical Expression element is offered and every defined Condition is offered, and it is possible to create a new Condition here as well.

You can see that this can be quite complex, and must be done carefully.

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