RM 5.1 Action edit drop-down formatting on PC

RM 5.1 edit actions on PC has multiple small drop-down boxes on each line (e.g Insert-Before, Edit, Delete etc).

This can cause the amount of text in each drop-down to be quite small, and awkward to pick, for example, here its hard to determine which of the IF conditions apply:

It would be helpful if the drop-downs could be wider, so making it easier to see which rule action line(s) are being picked.



You may know this, but If you hover over a line it doesn't get wider but the entire line is shown in the box.

I do, thanks. It doesn't really help when its a long line like a complex IF-condition, it just wraps into several tiny lines. This is also problematic when trying to do 'Delete Action' and moving the cursor to check the selection box shrinks the vertical height again and the wrong item gets selected. (This happened to me several time today, sigh).

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Try ctrl + control key plus the '+' key. That may increase the font size the browser is using. ctrl - using a small font size. Works on Firefox and makes the widgets larger.