RM 5.0 Hub Variable as a trigger


I'm (relatively, a few months) new here and tried to use the new version of Rule Machine.
When setting up a new rule after having defined several Hub Variables I can't use the variable as a trigger. The type 'Variable' just does not appear in the drop-downlist for 'Type of Conditions'.
I searched documentation and the community and am not sure what the use of the 'connector' is but creating a connector didn't solve my problem.
What am I missing ? How can i use the value of a Variable as a trigger in RM 5.0 as I did without any proproblems with the Global Variables in RM 4 ?

This is because Hub Variables do not generate any events. If you want to do this, use a connector for the variable, you can trigger from that, and it has the same value as the variable.

OK. Let me try that. What kind of connector shoud I use ? I have a few Boolean variables and a few Number Variables..(And thanks for the very fast answer !)

It doesn't matter.

To use connectors as triggers look under Custom Attribute.

You'll also use custom attribute if you want to compare two variables in an IF-THEN condition. You select variable for the left side of the condition and custom attribute for the right side.

Thanks Guys ! I just found out about the Custom attribute and am on my way now for my first -more or less- complex RM 5.0 Rule !

Note that if your variable connector is exposed as a "standard" device (like a switch connector for a boolean variable; a dimmer, volume, or color temperature connector for a numeric variable; etc.), you don't necessarily need a custom attribute for a trigger--though it would certainly work in any case.

Even if the UI lets you, don't use an actual variable for a trigger--use only the connector. I can't remember where it lets you do this in some places now, but it shouldn't since it won't work (they don't generate events), and I believe Bruce will address that in a future version.

One other trick to know. If the variable is for a number and you want to use numeric comparators like <, >, =, etc you need to use a device connector instead of variable. Pick dimmer and use level for a 0-100 range; I'm using ColorTemp for those connectors. You can delete a Connector device and recreate it in the Hub Variables screen at any time.

Again a lot of good advice ! Thanks Michael also for the hint for the number-variables. As I said, everything is OK now, I can go on with the app. How long did I serach for the answer to this question and then I decide to take the jump and ask the question here...What a marvelous place where your problem is olved in seconds !

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