Rm 4.1 NPE

@bravenel, simply FYI, I’ve got a simple RM 4.1 rule that logs device status for debugging purposes, and it’s giving a couple of Null Pointer Exceptions. None prior, none since. The driver itself isn’t reporting errors. C-7, App 1497 is the simple RM 4.1 rule shown in screenshot.

Cosmic ray? Dropped bit? No reason the code on that line would throw an NPE. And, since your rule clearly does the same thing over and over, why just those two times? Makes no sense. Nothing to go on, nothing to be done...

That was my impression, too, which is why I just reported it FYI.

I've lived with Hubitat for 4-1/3 years, watching the same things every day pretty much, things that are very visible, like how long it takes certain lights to turn on. Sometimes something odd happens. What to think? What to do? Spend an hour or two chasing ghosts? Try to capture something ephemeral with logs? Meditate? Dream? Isn't the Universe a grand place to be?


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