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I've been playing with RM 4.0, and things don't seem to work the way I expect them to. I'm trying to set up a temperature alarm, something that will notify me if the temperature at a specific location goes to 78 degrees or above. I got that working, then decided it would be nice to get a periodic notification as long as the temperature is above 78 degrees, just in case I missed the first one. So I added a Repeat, and that's where the problems started.

My approach to this is to have a rule that turns a virtual switch (Temp Warning Trigger) on if the temperature goes about 78 and to turn the switch back off if the temperature goes below 78. Then I have a second rule that announces "It's Hot." every minute when that switch is on (this will be changed to every 30 minutes or 1 hour once it's working.) The first rule controlling the virtual switch seems to work fine, my issue is with the second rule to do the announcement.

For the second rule I set the trigger to Temp Warning Trigger changed, and the action is IF Temp Warning Trigger is ON, then repeat every minute an announcement that It's Hot, ELSE Stop Repeating Announcements.

If I manually turn Temp Warning Trigger ON, I immediately get an It's Hot announcement, and it repeats every minute. But if I manually turn Temp Warning Trigger OFF, the announcements continue, even though I see the Stop Repeating Actions in the log. What am I missing here?

Here's a screenshot of my High Temp Announce rule:

And here's a screenshot of the logs:

What am I missing? Why did the Stop Repeating Actions not stop the repeating action?


Edit the repeat action. Turn on the switch “Subject to Stop Repeating?” That should do it.

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Thanks! That took care of it.

I saw that option when I setup the Repeat, but assumed that it only applied if you set the Repeat n times option.

As you're probably now aware, the docs state that: "It is optional to select Stop for a Repeat Action. If selected, then the Stop Repeating Actions action will stop this repetition."

However, what you might not know is you have another choice: "The Stop Rule Actions action from either this or another rule will stop all Repeat Actions, irrespective of the Stop selection." So, if you didn't want to bother ticking the "Stop" flag, "Stop Rule Actions" would work just as well in this case since your rule doesn't do anything besides this repetition.

Aren't rules fun? :slight_smile: