RM 3.0 / Firmware Flash these switches not working

I created my first test : motion active then Flash the light, but it's not working : a Philip Hue bulb no flashing . What is wrong with this test rule ? Thanks.

The "flash" command is not supported by hue bulbs. You can tell which devices it does support by looking at the device settings page, if it lists "flash" in the possible settings it is (with the exception of lutron caseta), if not it isn't.

The hue API does support a "flash" command but it hasn't been implemented in the HE integration yet.

Thanks @halfrican.ak, I make a simple trigger like this ( it's work ) :slight_smile:

but still don't know how to change to " Repeat Actions " in this case .

If you are trying to "flash" the light 4 times when the motion becomes active, this might work for you.

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@halfrican.ak, this rule has a problem : Toggle did not repeat 4 times, it toggle 1 or 2 times then the light stay on , does not turn off. Maybe 1s too short ?

try extending the delay?

toggle x4 will only turn the light on and off twice. toggle x8 will do 4 times.