RM 3.0 Aquarium Lighting Cycle

Thought I might show an example of a rule that I'm using with RM 3.0 to control my aquarium's lighting throughout the day. This would have NEVER been possible without SEVERAL rules using RM2.x thanks @bravenel!

Summary of rule:

At 9:00AM if the outdoor ambient light level is below x Lux then fade up to 80% brightness and set CT to 6500k, if it's above then wait 3 hours and then do the same. (I do this so that I'm not creating excess algae growth by providing more light than necessary if there is already ambient light available, sunrise is at 4:00am in Alaska during the summer months!)

At 5:00PM fade down to 40% and set color to blue.

At 10:00pm fade to OFF

At 8:00AM fade up to 40% blue


Is there a reason why you didn't just set the level at the same time as the temperature? Also I'm assuming they are LED lamps?

Nicely done! Are you doing this on a saltwater or freshwater aquarium? I have something similar with my sump lights on my sumps and on my freshwater tank, but I'm too nervous to allow HE to control the lighting on my saltwater tanks (one FOWLR and one mixed reef).

Are SW aquariums lights support dimming through a dimmer module? I thought those were all inclusive. Very interested as we have something similar and like you I am nervous trusting anything outside of the lighting tasked I use now.

Yes, I actually gutted the original hood's fluorescent elements and replaced it with a Philips Hue Light Strip (when they were on sale for $50 each late last year). I wanted the change in levels/CT/Color to be granular as far as I know HE's drivers don't allow changing CT or Color with adjustable transition time (Fade). The way I have have it setup the transitions are very smooth (might make them longer at some point).

Freshwater, I don't have any experience with saltwater tanks. And as I mentioned above this isn't a ready-made hood, it's DIY.

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You could if you are just doing a FOWLR tank with minimal lighting requirements. I have Kessil Tuna-80s on both of my salt tanks which I control with Neptune Apex controllers.

Just tested, yeah your right. I assumed it would have, sounds like a feature request :smile:

I think it may be a limitation of the Hue API, the only way I'm aware of achieving this would be through a custom Hue Scene which since HE doesn't support them cannot be done. (Now THERE's a feature request! Would love to see HE natively support Hue scenes and notify (flash) commands!)

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