Ring Support

How is it looking to get Ring support?


Direct support is doubtful although there is IFTTT and Ring/Amazon/Alexa - who needs IFTTT? Not me

Not necessarily...

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. The Walled Garden seems to be the current trend and with the Amazon purchase, I doubt any more integrations would be on the fast track. Nothing factual here..just my gut and hopefully I'm way off.

Breathing as we speak :wink:

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I don't think a partnership is required. I have homebridge/homekit control of all of the ring devices, I'd doubt there was a partnership with the homebridge developer.

Correct. The ring API was reversed engineered. The only problem is that to get status updates or event notifications such as motion or people pushing the button you have to constantly poll their servers and check for an event. This adds extra load on the hub and their servers (which myq was complaining about when people reversed their API).

I think having official integration will allow a callback for events so you don’t have to poll. Instead events will get pushed to the hub as they occur. I wish somebody would reverse engineer being able to set up those callbacks.

Which plugin is it that you're using for Ring on Homebridge?

I'm using this plugin GitHub - dgreif/ring-alarm: Homebridge plugin for ring security alarm system.

It must be a really fast poll since I've not noticed any sort of delay when using them to turn on Lutron lights when there is motion, and the ring devices were very cheap. I believe it doesn't support 2-factor authentication with Ring so I haven't setup it up yet.

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Ya. It’s set to 5s polling by default for that addon which will give you pretty fast updates. Not a problem on a home bridge install as it usually runs on a more powerful or dedicated system that can handle the load of an httpGet every 5s.

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Hey everyone, I just stumbled on this thread via Google. I'm the owner of the dgreif/ring repo and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the current API.

Polling - It does use polling to get ding/motion notifications and the polling interval is configurable (current default is every 2 seconds). The requests are fast and don't take much bandwidth, so I wouldn't be too concerned about needing a "more powerful" system to run it. Also, polling is only used for camera events. Alarm/lighting is all handled through websockets and is much more efficient.

2fa - I just deployed a new cli tool that allows users to get set up with 2fa.

Callback endpoint vs polling - Ring does have a way to register new clients to receive webhooks instead of using polling. The downside is that they seem to have it locked down to specific services which they use for their own apps (android, azure, etc.). I would like to do some additional exploration but haven't had the time yet. This has been discussed a little bit in the python library: tchellomello/python-ring-doorbell/issues/111

I don't personally use Hubitat, but I would be happy to do what I can to support it via the ring-client-api. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hi, Dustin. I thought you might find your way over here. Remember the code I told you I was writing? It was for this. I'm finally getting around to testing and releasing a native version. I tried with Ring for a long time to get official access but all attempts failed.

@codahq glad to hear you got something working for Hubitat! I don't have one so unfortunately I can't help test, but let me know if you run into any issues with the API