Ring Outdoor Siren


Was wondering if anyone had a driver for the Ring Outdoor Siren as the in built one is very limited.

Can get the siren to work but nothing else.

Also the battery doesn't report properly unless it doesn't read the main batteries and only the quick release?

Would it be possible to get the current inbuilt code to modify?


I looked into this very topic a few months back. Unfortunately it never really went anywhere. I even started a post on it but got no replies: Ring Siren Integration. I have got it fully functioning by using HA. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention that on this forum but thought I'd share it with you as you seem to be in the same boat as I was. With HA you can control the lights and siren. I use a local API call from Hubitat to HA to send instructions to the Siren and get it to ping Hubitat back with a response. Let me know if you want any more info on my setup.

Interesting would like to know more. Is it a native driver in ha or one that was imported?

Alas I don't have a spare box for ha with z wave but wouldn't mind seeing if I cna get any code.

Feel free to message.

Hi, I have been looking for a solution to the LED issue on the Ring outdoor siren on HA too. Like you, i posted on previous threads but was subsequently ignored. I hope the developers can add this functionality to the in-built driver at some point.

I think that @joint has you covered here. Since my post above he's written an entire driver for HE with almost all functions working on the Siren. @joint are you able to share this?

That would be amazing if @joint was able to share the driver!

Driver as is and no warranty. e.g. use at own risk
please follow guide to get working as i havent worked out the initialise / configure at start so using the in built to get it working then change to this:

Currently version 3, looking at also adding a tampersiren preference.
This will then sound the siren if someone removes it if set to true.
If false wont sound siren so allows battery replacement.
Also please note all features work with the c batteries but their life will go down without mains or plug in battery.
The both option will turn off after 3 minutes automatically.

Lasty have got the green LED to flash but this is not in the code.
Of two minds adding it as it is a pain to code to go back to solid green.

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