Ring Motion

I would like to turn on Additional lights when motion is sensed from ring doorbells or lights. How could I accomplish this?


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The easiest way I found to do this is to use Amazon Alexa and a bridge between the two platforms:

  1. Add/Enable the Ring Skill to your Amazon Alexa app on your mobile phone. You do not even need to own a physical Amazon Echo device. Just an Amazon account and the Alexa app on your phone/tablet.
  2. On your Hubitat hub, create a Virtual Switch device with the Auto-Off feature enabled after ~5 seconds.
  3. Add/Enable the Hubitat Skill to your Amazon Alexa app on your mobile phone. During this process, you will be prompted for your Hubitat credentials, and will need to select one of your Hubitat hubs (if you have multiple.) This will cause the Amazon Echo Skill app to be automagically installed on your Hubitat hub. Within this app, be sure to expose the Hubitat Virtual Switch created above in Step 2.
  4. Within the Alexa App on your phone, create an Alexa "Routine". Use the Ring Doorbell button push (or Ring motion) as the Trigger. For the Action, Turn on the Hubitat Virtual Switch.
  5. On the Hubitat side, use the virtual switch as a trigger in Rule Machine (or other app) to perform whatever actions you'd like to have happen.
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Works Awesome
Thank You.

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