Ring Motion Sensor keeps dropping off

I recently bought a Ring Motion Sensor and a couple of Contact Sensors. I haven't set the Contacts up yet becuase the Motion Sensor keeps dropping off. It works perfectly for a day or so then drops; a battery pull gets it back again but only for 24 hours or so...

Anybody got any clues? I've got an (at the moment) dedicated C7 Hub that literally only has this one device on it....

What does the round trip times and RSSI look like? Guessing that either it's too far from the hub (given that there are no repeaters) or that something is interfering with the signal.

That actually could be the cause. Your lack of a repeating mesh and signal distance (and interference)

It's in the same room, about 2 feet away from the hub so it can't be that? Also, the mesh is an interesting point; why would I need a mesh to support 1 device?

Again that would depend on distance. z-wave and zigbee are mesh networks. As you get devices farther away they need to be supported by repeaters.

That said for giggles can you post your z-wave details page?

Can you try moving it to the other side of the room.

Also was it included with security or without it.

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Here we go - screenshot of the Zwave Details page. (Which reminded me that I forgot about one other device on this Hub. It's on the other side of the house and never seems to have a problem...)

Interestingly, as soon as I flip the battery but make no other changes, the thing wakes up and the RSSI value goes way up.

Re pair it without security and see how it behaves.

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What region are you in? US, EU?

There have been reports of issues like this in the EU.

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I'm in the EU

Now that's interesting because the reading I'd done before setting it up suggested they wouldn't work at all if you tried pairing without security... I will re-pair though as you suggest and see what happens.

Early days, but it's been rock solid since I repaired without security. Thanks v much for the help, what was your thinking?

It produces overhead. Really it's only recommended for locks and garage door openers. That said, you only have a couple of devices so you still may have this problem just less and a repeater would certainly help (like a ring v2 extender)

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