Ring keypad

It seems that the 1st gen is very hard to come by. Will the second generation work?

There is a built-in driver for the Gen 2.

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Awesome! Will it only work for HSM control or can it be used for entering codes for anything else?

HSM would be the easiest implementation, but shouldn’t be an issue to use it for other functions too, maybe with a button controller…

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Well then I guess I need to order one. I like the idea of having separate physical control over the alarm functions outside of a dashboard.

When linked to HE instead of Ring does it still do all the count downs, talking etc?

Nope, not unless they update the driver. I've been asking for months but it only falls on deaf ears. :rage:


So this an updated driver that CAN do code entry outside of HSM?

It's the same driver that is built-in.. But now anyone can modify it to their needs..


Thank you.


@bptworld should I be keeping an eye out for some of your magic with this? :grin:

lol, I'm definitely not a Zwave driver guy BUT I'm going to play around with it and see what I can come up with. :wink:

Hopefully others will do the same.

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:wink: :smiley:


I am not completely sure what items you are referring to but i can confirm that has a red LED that flash's and gradually moves to the full lenth of th keypad until the countdown is complete. While this is happening it will also make a repetitive sound and at certain intervals announce how much time is left. The repetitive sound changes to indicate urgency to leave at less then 5 or 10 seconds(not sure which one). The keypad will also function as a siren as well with the built in driver.

I think it should be pointed out that the Ring Keypad G2 is Zwave 700 and requires S2 so you likely need a C7 for it to work.


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