Ring keypad Gen 2

Good evening everyone.
Do anyone use the ring 2 generation keypads? I'm having trouble pairing them.
Can anyone explain how to put them in pairing mode?

See page 5.


First, you can only pair them to the C7. Next, use the Smartstart feature within the Hubitat app.


Are you familiar with the ring 2 generation keypads? I finally got it installed, but I'm not seeing where to set up a pin. Also Im planning on using two. If I arm the system with one keypad will the other keypad show armed?

How do you plan on using them? With HSM or by themselves? HSM, I think will take care of syncing them. If you want to use them without HSM there is a community driver that adds more features to the keypad.

Screenshot 2022-09-18 8.34.09 AM

Enter in the three fields then press the 'Set Code' button.

Im not sure what Im doing wrong.
On code position I put 1.
I put a 4 pin number in .
And put a name in under that.
I hit set code.
In HSM I chose to use keypad to arm and disarm.
Am I missing anything?

Make sure the keypad is working before trying to do anything with HSM (or any other app).

  • Do you see your codes in the attributes (right hand side of the screen)?
  • If you enter your code and hit the 'arm home' button, does the device page reflect the change?
  • If you enter your code and hit the 'disarm' button, does the device page reflect the change?

Im not getting any changes.
I can hit arm or disarm on the device page and the keypad response

Sounds like it didn't pair correctly.

From another thread...

Ill try repairing them.

It may not hurt to pair it fairly close to the hub as well to try to prevent a parital pairing and ghosts from showing up.

You can also watch live logging while putting in the pin and see if you are seeing any activity from the device while putting in the pin. You should. If you don't then the pairing did not complete properly. If you do then this may be a software config issue.

Yeah, the only activity thats being logged is activity from the device page when Im manually pressing buttons. Nothing from the keypad.
Zigbee is so much easier it seems.
Ill try repairing and go from there.
Thanks again for your help.

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