Ring Keypad Gen 2, Hub Mesh and HSM

So I finally broke down and purchased a C-7 to play with (love my C-3 and C-5) :wink:

First thing I setup on the new C-7 was a Ring Gen 2 Keypad. Everything went smooth with that. I then added it to the Hub Mesh, again everything seems normal.

It was when I tried to use it with HSM that an error is reported and it doesn't change the HSM status. The log is from the C-3 receiving the Keypad using Hub Mesh.

dev:8258 is the keypad and app:2 is HSM

All hubs are on

@bcopeland @gopher.ny

Note: I did setup a test HSM on the C-7 and the keypad works great when on the same hub. So definitely something to do with Hub Mesh. :grin:


There are some devices that don't play well with hub mesh, yes.
I've just ordered Ring Keypad and will test it out. There should be a fix for it in 2.2.6.


Thanks @gopher.ny, looking forward to it.

Another question...

When using the keypad (Ring Keypad Gen 2), I see this line in the debug logging:
Entry control: [sequenceNumber:150, dataType:2, eventType:6, eventDataLength:4] keycache: 5532

Is there anyway I can get access to the 'eventType' and the 'keycache'? It is somewhere in the event stream? I can't seam to find it. :man_shrugging:

With these two pieces of info, I can do lots of stuff with a custom app. Like, do something when a bad code is received multiple times or when one the 3 'special buttons' are pressed I can assign them to do something.

Also tagging @bcopeland in case it's a driver thing. :wink:


That’s not stored anywhere..

Exactly, but can it be?? Would open up a lot of possibilities!

I suppose it could


Come on, you know you want to! lol. Having the eventType and the keycache (should make this one encrypt-able) in the 'Current States' would be awesome.

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Adding my two cents - would love to see that capability as well! Thanks!

Should be fixed in (just released).