Ring Keypad G2 - Bugged disarming while arming

The "armAwayEnd" handler for the Ring Keypad G2 device isn't cleared when a disarming occurs while arming is underway.

Arming is started via the keypad, and then HSM is disarmed successfully via the keypad. However, after the timeout configured for arming in HSM (120s in my case), even though no arming is occurring, "armAwayEnd" fires and puts the keypad in the "armed away" state. Once the keypad is in this state it's bugged since it's out of sync with HSM. Sending the "disarm" command from Hubitat or re-attempting arming and letting it complete will sync the keypad back up, fixing it.

I've seen this issue reported sporadically elsewhere in the forums and it's still very much active.

Please remove any active "armAwayEnd" handler from the device when HSM is disarmed.

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Any chance this could be resolved @bravenel or @mike.maxwell ?

Seems like it'd be a fairly straightforward fix to clean up this dangling callback.

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thank you!

Any update on this? I am having this issues as well
I just posted a about it here Ring Keypad V2 not disarm when in arming delay

I fixed this issue and more in the Community Driver.

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Thanks you :slight_smile: works perfect!!!

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