Ring G2 Motion Sensor Driver Parameter Questions

Some questions on the Ring G2 Motion Sensor (and its driver).

I was interested in writing a driver which gave access to all of the configuration parameters, but there are some oddities in the configuration parameter documentation

  1. It looks like there are two completely different Z-wave configuration parameter listings for the Ring G2 Motion sensor.

Several of the parameters don't match up (i.e., parameters 5-12). Does anybody know which is the "correct" set. I think its the one on the z-wave alliance web site, but am not sure.

  1. For the configuration parameters, many seem to be very lightly documented. For example, referring to the z-wave alliance set:
  • Parameter 5 is the delay for the Occupancy signal to clear, while parameter 6 is the delay for the intrusion signal to clear. Does anybody know - what's the difference? By "intrusion" are they talking about the cover removed / tampering or is this something else?
  • Parameter 7 is the "standard delay time - delay for what? There are already other delay specific to lighting (parameter 10), and clearing notifications (parameters 5, 6)
  • Parameter 9 is the "Enable or Disable light sensor" - but this device doesn't have a light sensor (or does it?). Very strange.