Ring Alarm

I am looking to add an alarm system to our home but it would be a benefit if we could use the alarm door / windows sensor and motion sensor in Hubitat for other automation uses.

At first, I looked at Konnected but it seem that it for older "wired" sensors homes then I saw Ring Alarm system.

I wanted to make sure I understood this correctly that the Ring Alarm sensors can be used for Hubitat automation correct?
Does it get pair to the Ring hub and Hubitat access those sensors via Ring Hub?
What about Co2/Smoke sensor?

Can Ring arm/disarm be trigger using Hubitat dashboard or Homekit app? If someone used a keypad to arm/disarm Ring system, does it update the status on Hubitat or Homekit?

Have you looked through [BETA] Ring Alarm Integration

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@zarthan No, I have not seen that post yet.

going to read it now .. Thank you!

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This can all be done by using the following app. The sensors can be leveraged by HE. Everything pairs to the Ring hub.

Yes to the HE dashboard. Can't speak to Homekit because I don't use it.

Most people that I am aware of use the Unofficial Ring Integration App and the developer @codahq is very active in the forum. I have been using it since its release and am very happy with it.


Thank you @JNS !


I use @codahq AMAZING integration called out by @JNS.
Having said that, you should be aware that Ring can change things whenever they want, and it's unclear if any of our community apps will be able to navigate around those. Just for a fair warning.

I'm optimistic as I don't see Ring breaking experiences like this intentionally, and with Alexa routines there might always been some work-around as well.


This was my first thought as well. We need to be very clear about officially supported integrations and community integrations.

Yes an officially supported integration can also be broken by the company but chances are slim. Ring can at anytime change things and break this integration.

From what I’ve heard though it works well and people like it.

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Agreed. I should have mentioned it is not a built-in or HE supported app.

However, this is made very clear. The first two paragraphs of the very first post for the Unofficial Ring Integration app reads as follows:

Unofficial Ring Integration Disclaimer

"First and foremost I need to warn any who venture to use this integration. This integration is provided for fun without hope of warranty or safety or stable or permanent use. Ring are not official partners with Hubitat or myself and all of the interactions between the Hubitat hub and Ring's cloud servers in this integration are via the private API calls that Ring does not publish or give permission to use for this purpose. I wrote this integration for fun and I do not trust it with my safety. It's a hobby project. (That said, it is well built and mostly stable. On the hubitat side the hub slows down sometimes and drops the websocket connection but there is a watchdog that starts it back up.)

If some part of this integration does not work now or stops working in the future I make no gaurantees and this is provided "AS IS" without hope of service or warranty. If you use this integration you agree to hold me unresponsible for what may happen to your Ring account in the event that Ring deems this type of usage of the API unreasonable. You agree to hold me unresponsible for what may happen to your home, personal property, self, family, etc. You agree to hold me unresponsible. End of story."


Yes, I am fully aware that anything can change and it not part of the HE.

Just like the Lutron Caseta, they can up and decide that they don't want any other devices using their hub telnet anymore.

Ring will still function as it suppose to function if they cut off all integration to it anyway so no big deal. If anyone can't accept that and try to blame coder for this is one dumb jerk anyhow.

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction and hopefully Ring never decide to cut off integration anytime soon.


You are so correct about any of those mentioned and more. There are so many integrations that can be broken. Fortunately we have very talented developers here, so there's hopefully an opportunity to overcome changes as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing in favor of integrations like Homebridge, Unofficial Ring Integration, Lutron, etc. is that they require and promote the purchase of their devices. So the licensing fees are paid in a sense :wink:


I have a ring doorbell and want to integrate to hubitat. I have downloaded all the devices drivers but is the motion sensor different to the button push? I need both functions.