Ring Alarm Motion Sensor G2

Just bought a Ring Alarm Motion Sensor G2, and paired it to my G7 hub.
It seems to detect tampering with the sensor, but not motion.

When I place a tile on the dashboard for it and select "motion", i get a question mark.

I have exluded the sensor, waited and included again, but will not seem to work.

Try hitting the configure button, then manually wake the device up and/or adjust and re-save the preferences and wake the device up.

If that doesn't help, exclude it and re-pair it.

In any case, mine work fine so I don't think it is a driver issue. Mine are all firmware 1.09, not 1.11 like yours, but I doubt that is your issue.

There is no configure button.
Exclude / include tried, did not solve it.

Odd... What driver are you using?

Mine using the in-box "Ring Alarm Motion Sensor G2" driver definitely have a configure command button.

Native driver.
Could be a Ring firmware issue?

No, the device firmware has nothing to do with the configure button showing up or not, that's all I. The driver.

You 100% that you're using the in-box driver? Because one of your states doesn't look like anything I remember seeing on an in-box driver either.

Ok, got it working!!

What I did:

  1. exclude and delete the device
  2. include the device again > same issue
  3. Set the driver to "device"
  4. Delete all states and delete all schedules
  5. set the driver back to the native ring driver again.
  6. configure button is there!
  7. hit the configure button

And it works.

Did the same thing again, to see if it was reproducable, and was able to reproduce this again.

So it looks like a bug of some sorts.

Hmm, seems still an issue.
It is not actualy detecting motion.
The sensor is pingable according to Hubitat, just no motion and tamper detection.

Repair also did not solve it

I'm lost.
It seems paired, as I am getting log entry's for it, but not detecting motion:

It looks like a Hubitat issue.
I removed the sensor from Hubitat, and paired it with my old domotica controller (Athom Homey) and it works like a charm.
Excluded it again from my old hub, and paired it to Hubitat.
No motion, and front button is doing nothing.

What sensor firmware version is your sensor @JasonJoel ?

And is the driver tested with the EU radio version?

The screenshot above looks like you are on the contact sensor driver… Switch to the Ring Alarm Motion Sensor G2 driver

The device name was pre-fileld with ring contact sensor, but the actual driver is set to the motion sensor

Ok.. You should see a configure button on this one .. Right?

Yup, see it, but pressing it is doing nothing at all.

Change the motion sensitivity to the highest setting and click save..

I have found these to be not very sensitive at all..

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