Ring 2g keypad

Still trying to get my keypad working.
Can anyone explain how I can get the keypad to show up in the button controler app.

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Are you using the built-in or community driver?

The community driver includes PushableButton and HoldableButton capabilities that I assume button controller is looking for. Note that the keypad does not provide instant gratification on button pushes/holds, as it is intended for code submission. An idle timeout (about 5 seconds) must be hit before the button push events are sent from the keypad to Hubitat.

Im using the built in driver.

Do I need the lock code app? I can send comands from the device page and its sending battery reports to the hub.
Im thinking its installed right but not all the way set up.
Thanks for the help.

The Lock Code Manager is not required.

I don't personally use Button Controller, but I suspect it requires that a device/driver declare some form of button capability. Built-in driver code isn't public, but I suspect it does not expose such a capability. The community driver (linked above) does - I'd suggest that you give it a try.

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