RGGenie ZB-3006

I used this on my C5 for years, C5 crashed, and I switched to the c7 I had bought, but had not went through repairing. I therefore could not do migration. I am rebuilding all of the scripts. BUT. the controllers for this device do not seem to work?
Is this item broken now>

Should work. Have you factory reset it?

Yes, I factory reset it and paired it succesfully.
in the C5 I could see all of the buttons, toggle them and see them update in the logs.
The device list has ZB-3009 and ZB-3010, ZB-3012. but not sure if I use one of those, or if I need to download an app? In logs, I do not see results of pushing any buttons. I can see log entries stating I turned on or turned off logging

Check the driver you were using on the C5 vs the one on the new hub

My dilema. I tried updating C5 yesterday, and it bricked. I can not see it at all. The green light comes on, but I can not connect to it at all. I had a c7, but has not migrated to it yet. Issue Is that I can not see the C5 to review

Weird, It came up this morning. I will compare

in the C5, the driver I am using in c7 had child devices that I can mirror, but that is not available now.
New one says 8 buttons, old one says 3,

does anyone have an answer at all for this?
The Device pairs. using the same device name as what was in the C5.
I push any of the buttons, and the blue light flashes.
But in the events or in the logs no report of any activity.
IN the C5, the buttons loaded as "child devises" not the came in the C7.