RGBW Z-wave Devices setColour/Hue/etc issue


I've just moved from Fibaro to Hubitat, mostly things are working well but I am stuck with my Z-WAVE RGBW devices. I have three FIbaro RGBW (441 and 442 versions) and two TKB Home (TZ77) devices controlling RGBW strips around my home. I'm usng the fibaro driver and the generic driver (for the TKB), I can set each colour level (percentage) from the device. :slightly_smiling_face:

My issue is when I select a colour from the "Set Color" button, the bit where you click the colour you want and it then converts it to Hue, Saturation and Level. When I do this it creates very different colours. This also happens when I enter into the Hue and Saturation direct. :woozy_face:

What does work: if I enter for R/G/B = 0/0/100 then I will get 100% blue, same for 100/0/0 for 100% red etc... So it seems to work when I tell it exactly what colour level for each R/B/G to do. So fundamentally it works. But this creates big problems down the line. I cannot create normal "set colour" rules/actions, I have to painfully enter "run custom action" for each Red/Green/Blue/White to get the colour I want.

Scenes set the Hue and Saturation so I can't even use scenes to help.

Has anyone seen this issue? Is it some kind of global setting I've missed? I can't see any other threads on this issue so I assume everyone else has perfectly working RGBW devices.


This is likely some conversion issue

the HE and ST drivers did these 0-100, but many color selectors use different scale. Many times this gets into dividing results by 3.6 or multiplying by 3.6...depending on adjusting a value to set or adjusting a value received....if using other color management / normal scales

Hi, that's useful to know thanks. I'm sure I could build a new driver if I could copy the fibaro driver or something - I'm just thinking there must be something different about my setup if everyone else has RGBW working properly.

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