Rgbw tile / widget


hi the tile for changing an rgbw controller is reallt quite difficult to work on a tablet, is there ant chance at all that there is a different one available that ive missed, one with a slide or a colour wheel ? its just very difficult to change the colour on my wall mounted tablets, so I need a more simplified way please ? any help would be greatly appreciated


Just updated to the beta version of the new release and am very pleased with the new color picker layout in the dashboard. Much easier.


Can you screenshot it please so I can see ? I'm not sure how to get the beta version I'm a newbie


Normally those in the beta don't talk about the beta :slight_smile: just have to wait for its release.


@patrick Feel stupid. Sorry Patrick.


I'm assuming beta is one of these just for special people things that I'm not allowed :joy: I'll also assume that any release dates are not discussed lol


It is actually not for special people, it is for people that are fine with things being broken when a beta release doesn’t work right out of the gate and that are willing to put in the effort to test new releases so the public release is less error prone.

That is a pretty fair assumption.


ahh i seen, how do i get on the beta list ? im fine with things being broken as you can probably see from my posts, i just wouldn't put any beta things on customer hubs