RGBW Light Strips

I don't know where this fits best on the forum. I'm putting in a coffered ceiling and would like to drop the crown molding and illuminate the perimeter. I am looking into RGBgenie and think it might be a good start. I have plenty of additional lighting, and don't need a lot of power. The run is approximately 75 feet around the perimeter.

Anybody know of affordable LED strips? Is 75 feet doable with one controller. Thanks.

Cheap strips are available pretty much anywhere (eBay, Amazon, Alibaba) whatever you might trust and consider reasonably priced. RGBW is going to be more than RGB of course and RGB+CCT will be the most (but have the most capabilities for "entire strip" color options).

Below is all in answer about the 75ft for a controller... It is going to be far more involved than just can the controller handle it due to the power requirements of such a large amount.

Most LED strips come in at ~16ft (5m). You usually want to provide power to each of them to make sure they have sufficient brightness for their whole length, but you could do that by injecting power. 24v LED strips can usually go further but you still are probably looking at a max of 32ft (10m) before needing more hookups.

Here are a couple links that might help (the last one has probably an excessive amount of information, but there is good stuff in there):


Just a quick add. I had to buy an external power supply to go 10M (RGBW) and use a Gledopto with HE generic driver without issue.