RGBW colors - Simple Lighting

I have 2 sets of Phillips Hue RGBW strips over my cabinets that i control with a schedule using simple lighting. Lights on 50% at 5AM, 75% at 6 AM, drop back to 50% at 9, back on bright around dinner time then 30% for the wee hours of the night. Simple lighting works easy to allow me to set the time and lighting level. The color is preset in the device menu for each of these RGBW strips so all i am controlling is the time and brightness in Simple Lighting. Im thinking i'd like to try and adjust the color during different times of the day. Does anyone know how to set the time, color setting and brightness? Trying to get optimal WAF and having a nice warm yellow in the AM and a nice rich blue in the evening would be awesome. Thanks in advance. Mac

The RGBW strip has a Phillips Hue Zigbee interface but im going direct from Hubitat to the device...not through the phillips hue bridge ( though i have 1...2 really if anyone wants one). Using a generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver