RGBW bulbs turn on with a green hue

A bit of a weird issue going on. I recently updated the driver for Inovelli LZW31-SN (red series dimmer) with the most current version (10/1/2020) and now some of my RGBW bulbs (phillips hue and inovelli) are coming on with a greenish hue. (all switches running 1.48 firmware) At first I thought it was the inovelli (LZW42 rgbw) bulb so I updated the firmware to 2.30 (fairly lengthy process with the zwave update tool) but then when I turned on another switch with phillips hue bulbs, the same thing happened. I can change the color of the phillips hue bulbs and the inovelli bulb independently but when I hit the button 1 pushed, the lights come on greenish (chartreuse/spring is what is showing in the device setting page). I've tried using the actions of "set dimmer" to 100% and "set color" to soft white (also tried warm white) but I get the same thing. Considering this is happening to two different manufacturer's bulbs and two different protocols (zwave and zigbee) am I correct in assuming that this is a driver issue? It didn't happen prior to updating the driver.

Additional info: when I turn on the bulb using the device driver page the bulb comes on white but when I use the physical switch, it comes on chartreuse/spring. Originally it was chartreuse but now it keeps showing spring as the color,

I'm not sure what could be causing this, but is "button 1 pushed" by chance assigned to some app/rule (like Button Controller) that is telling the lights to turn on to specific settings? You can check the "In use by" section on the device page (and looking at all apps there) for the lights and the button device to make good guesses.

That being said, if you want a shade of white, the "Set Color Temperature" command is the one you want, rather than "Set Color." For a warm white like many bulbs' default settings, a value of 2700 should be pretty close. For a medium/cool white, something like 4000 might be what you want, and for super-cool (blue-ish) whites, values over 5000 will probably do it. The units here, if you are not familiar, are Kelvin for correlated color temperature.

The "Set Color" command will put the bulb in RGB (rather than CT) mode and should do whatever color you specify, assuming it's within range of the bulb and keeping in mind that what you see on the screen will be a bit different than the bulb (bulbs will not look dark gray, for example; they'll just be dimmer). Do you notice a problem with either this command or the Set Color Temperature command if you manually run them? What about the On and Off commands if manually run?

The only thing I can think of on the LZW42 bulb is the "memory" parameter, which affects whether the bulb remembers its last state when power is physically cut to the bulb (soft on/off will always remember--unless, again, some automation on the hub side is interfering with something). I'm not sure any firmware updates affected the options available there, but a specific default "on" setting is not one that I'm aware of.

Maybe one of these ideas will help show what the problem is?

Thanks, Bert! Your suggestion of using "set color temp" (reinforced by another in the inovelli forum) worked! I'm still confused why my other bulbs controlled using the original settings come on as white, but I'll take the "win."

Thanks for the suggestion!

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