RGBW Bulb: Changing Color in Dashboard or Google Causes Brightness/Level Change

Hi folks!

I am using a Monoprice Z-Wave RGBW bulb which uses the in-built Hank RGBW LED Bulb driver.

When I go to change the color of this bulb in the Hubitat Dashboard while having it at a low level, it will change to a random higher setLevel. When I change the color through Google Home, it will default to 100% brightness regardless of what level I have it set to previously. My goal is to be able to change the color without the brightness/level changing.

Does anyone know of a solution to this? I have tried the Generic driver, as well as other random drivers (such as Aeotec), and this still happens. I did have a similar issue with a Zigbee RGBW bulb, and changing the drivers helped.

Thank you!

A "Set Color" command includes a component for level. From the Dashboard color chooser, you should be able to control this--but you do have to choose a level. If you only want to change the "color" in the sense of hue, try the "Set Hue" command instead, but there's no easy way to do just that from Dashboard. But you can experiment with that from at least the device page to see if you can get what you want. It's possible but unlikely that your bulb doesn't respond as expected to just that command and also adjusts level without you asking.

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