RGBGenie ZB5004 - No access to group button double-clicks?

Hi - I've got a ZB-5004 (4 group dimmer switches, 2 scenes) set up with the RGBGenie Wireless Dimmer driver. This driver creates 4 child devices for the 4 on/off/dim group switches. They seem to work great. However, I'd like to capture a double-click on for those 4 to set the associated light to 100% brightness.
There's no setting in that driver for double-click response and it doesn't show up as an available button in any app, such as button controller. Is there any way to capture that action?
Oddly - the ZB-5001 has 5 of these group dimmer buttons - but that one pairs with the button controller driver which doesn't create any child devices at all. So in that case, one can capture every possible button action (about 40 options) but no preconfigured dimmers, despite being almost the same as the ZB5004.

Is there some middle ground possible?