RGBgenie ZB-1026 Zigbee LED Dimmer (single color LED string)

RGBgenie ZB-1026 Zigbee LED Dimmer (single color LED string) is not on the Latest Supported Devices list (yet).

This device pairs successfully and is identified as a Generic Zigbee Dimmer. It seems to work well with this driver. Dims correctly and fade/ramp rate is adjustable.

I will report as I experiment with it further.

Pairing information:

Device appearance:


Eric thanks for the info. I stumbled upon these and similar ZWave counterparts from RGBGenie. Curious if you know or can test/verify the PWM frequency? We are very sensitive to low frequency PWM dimming. I also would like to know how well these handle very low dimming levels in the single digit percentages. Lastly do they support fade times in scenes?


I got side-tracked and have not installed this yet. I may be able to get to it in the coming weeks. How can I test the PWM Frequency to get you the information you need? I don't see anything in the documentation that came with it . . .

The PWM frequency on the device is 500Hz with no flickering at the single digit dimming levels.

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I'm using this to power a 12V fan in my travel trailer. Got a really bad hum from the PWM so I ended up putting a 1000uf 16V capacitor across the output, now it's pretty much inaudible above 30% dimming.

The analog contact option was the deciding factor for me, everything in my home automation has to have a fallback in case the hub dies or the automation gets screwed up by an update, etc. Very high WAF when she can just press a button if the cellphone doesn't work.