Reward Offered: Ikea Tradfri Wireless Dimmer Button compatibility

You may laugh, but after integrating these things into our home and life it's heartbreaking to think they're just going to end up in the bin. Or eBay.

With a search, you can find a few threads on the Ikea devices. The trend is that they don't work because they're meant to be paired directly to devices, not used with a hub, and to that end they use things like Zigbee Touch Link and group broadcasting to speak directly to other devices. (Ikea's gateway, while useful for setting them up, actually isn't required for operation afterwards--just in case anyone is thinking "but what about...?".) This dimmer/button device is no exception.

SmartThings appears to have made it work by allowing inbound Zigbee group broadcast parsing to the hub: pretending the hub is part of the group ID the device is broadcasting to, then generating platform events according to what it hears. Hubitat does not support inbound group messaging, so the change you're asking for would need to be done at the platform level. A user cannot do it by writing a driver. (Hubitat can do outbound group broadcasts, something I'm not sure ST has added yet, FWIW.) If so inclined, you can look at the source for ST's implementation and verify that it's using inbound group messages: SmartThingsPublic/ikea-button.groovy at master · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub

The "LOL" above undoubtedly comes form the fact that lots of people have asked for this before. Staff are aware of the request. If you ask me, it's pretty unlikely to happen. :slight_smile: They generally prefer devices that behave in a more standard, hub-friendly manner. If these devices are important to you, I'd look into one of the options that can make them work with Hubitat. Otherwise, there are lots of natively-compatible button devices that do work without concern.


I am not sure what he means by lol exactly, but this has been rehashed multiple times. At this point it is not possible to make these work with Hubitat. It is an incompatibility with standard Zigbee. If Ikea would have made these normal Zigbee devices, then there would have been some hope of making them work.

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Here's one.

#4 = Ikea catalogue number 004.684.32

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I assure you I have spent the last couple days scanning through the other posts like you mentioned, I just didn't realise that the problem was on a platform level. I thought maybe some "persuasion" may have improved the chances of compatibility, although after reading your post those odds seem very unlikely.

So now I'm torn between switching back to my old Smartthings hub v3, which is super compatible but falls over everytime our internet cuts out (we live in the highlands of Scotland and this is a common factor), or, spending mucho moneys replacing the countless buttons we have around the house with something hubitat will work with.

Times are good.

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Look into HubConnect. You can leave your Tradfri Dimmer Buttons on SmartThings, and bring them into Hubitat using HubConnect.


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Thanks for the suggestion. The main thing we were hoping to steer away from was ANY use of the Smartthings hub.

Basically, whenever our internet goes down we can't even turn on the kitchen lights (using the IKEA buttons), as automations like that require cloud connection to function. Was so looking forward to something "self contained" :frowning:

Then I think you're best off selling your Tradfri buttons on eBay, and replacing them with compatible buttons.

I have used the one's linked below - they work really well with Hubitat. Also, that particular eBay seller has been used by many of us here, including perhaps @bertabcd1234? And 10 for $56 is relatively cost-effective.

BTW, even though these buttons are listed as "used", they are actually brand new.


I totally appreciate that most people are looking for HE-centric solutions. That being said, I too had a fair number of incompatible Ikea controllers. I have been able to get them integrated quite well using Zigbee2MQTT for pairing. This has the advantage over Smartthings that it isn't cloud dependent, but has the drawback that it requires setting up Z2M and an MQTT broker (which I have running in Docker (one more thing to run)) along with needing a device that works with Z2M. It was fiddley to set up but now that it is there it works like a champ and I really do like the way the dimmer and 5 button controllers work.

One other note, this also means that you are likely to have 2 zigbee meshes running 1 for HE and 1 for Z2M which make it just that much more likely that you could end up with weak and/or interfering meshes.


This is a possible cost effective solution. Just hope they ship to the UK!! Can you tell me, do the buttons have just one button in total? Our IKEA buttons effectively have two separate buttons (on and off) , and each respective button press can be incorporated into automations and scenes.

Wouldn't really matter if they're just one button, I'm purely curious, that's all.

Single physical button. But you can have different automations for single-press v/s double-press (that's all I use).

If I order these buttons from the US will I have any problems with region frequency variations as I'm in the UK?

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Also don't forget Integrate deCONZ.

Also the CC2531 can act as routers and they are way cheaper than ikea repeaters as you don't have to buy the USB PSU at the same time.


If you need more than one switch in some locations, take a look at the Opple switches.

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No. Zigbee is the same frequency the world over. So you’re good!

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My lol was partly it's been discussed everywhere and I too had 5 Ikea remotes via deconz and HA but changed them to Hue Dimmers, which work well. Can be had on amazon for £12 from time to time.

I'd second @Ranchitat with the Opple buttons if you need more than just a dimmer.
Singles day is coming up in a few days so should be able to get a decent deal.

My final comment here - the ONLY person who would be able to claim the bounty would be Mike. What do you say @mike.maxwell :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

We can always hope though :slight_smile: I have plenty of these aswell used for IKEA blinds and some lights. I hope to be able to only have 1 and only hub in my house.

Finally killed off my ST hub with the new Samsung Remote driver. :smiley: Just Hubitat and Raspberry PI now.