Reuse Lutron Integration ID?

Hi, I've got HE C7 with latest firmware and Lutron Pro bridge. This all runs a mix of 60+ Zwave, ZigBee and Lutron switches, dimmers, outlets, sensors, etc. Nothing overly fancy.

Had anyone run into any issue eliminating a Lutron device and trying to reuse an integration ID for a new Pico remote?

I've currently got several Pico's running as a 3-way switch replacement as well as button to operate on/off wall outlets. Recently I've eliminated some Lutron devices and my new "simple" setup of having Pico button 1 and Pico button 5 emulate a wall switch to trigger Innr outlet is not working. I've got this exact same setup running on 2 different instances. The only difference here is that the newest set of Pico are reusing previously used Lutron Integration slots.

The ZigBee outlets work manually.
The ZigBee outlets work visa DEVICES in HE.
The ZigBee outlets work on dashboard button
The ZigBee outlets work when I press button 1 or 5 of the Pico in DEVICES in HE.

The only thing that doesn't work is actually pressing button 1 or 5 on the physical Pico.

I've currently got 3 Pico's and also 3 empty reused slots (2,8 and 9). All 3 are exhibiting the same problem. I'm hoping for any insight before I go buy more Pico's, as the only thing I can think of is the sacrifice 3 Pico's to get past the reused Lutron Integration slots and start new at slot 20.


Did you change the device type?

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I have had a couple times where I had a similar issue.

The one time I had left a gap in numbering, and that seemed to have done some very odd stuff. For example, I had 1, 2, 3, 5, and did not have a device 4. After I added a new device back to slot 4, things went back to normal.

The other time I changed device types from Fast Pico to Pico, and didn't delete the old device in Devices tab, I also had non-responsive devices. It doesn't seem to work if you just change device types in the Devices tab. I would suggest getting rid of all traces of the former device, then adding the new one back in.

Aaiyar and Neon, thanks for you replies.

yes I've changed device type. Additionally I had completely deleted old devices from both Hubitat and Lutron, as a resetting the Lutron Pico's.

I'll go back and reverify though.

Another thought, I might just reset the Pico's again but not delete them from Lutron. Then maybe the integration ID slot will stay filled and I can start at a fresh integration ID to see what happens.