Return From Away

When I unlock my door I want to change the mode from away to what ever the appropriate mode for that time is. In rule machine I see where you can change the mode to another one but I don't see the option to change it to not away. I must be missing something.

This all works using mode manager, BTW.

Do you have a mode named "not away"? If so you can certainly set it to the mode "not away" in RM4:

If you don't have a mode that's named "not away" but you just want to set the mode to something other than Away, you will have to specify which mode you want it to change to. You can't just say "change the mode to something other than away." How would RM4 know what to change it to? You'll need to provide some kind of logic to help RM4 pick the right mode. This is how Mode Manager works as well.

If you provide a little more info, or maybe a screen shot of your Mode Manager, I'm sure there are plenty here who would help you set it up in RM4. But if it's working in Mode Manager, why change?

I guess I am wanting to return from away when the door unlocks


So then you need to set the mode based on the times. Notice that, as @destructure00 posted, Mode Manager says, "Use time settings for return from Away".

You need something like:

  door unlocked

  IF Time between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM
    Mode: Morning
  ELSE IF Time between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM
    Mode: Day
  ELSE IF Time between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM
    Mode: Evening
  ELSE IF Time between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM
    Mode: Night

It would be a cool enhancement if a RM rule could tell mode manager to evaluate its rules.


Time logic won’t work because there are also modes that might be manually set.

RM needs the option to return from away. I think I may play around with a virtual presence sensor to see if I can’t make this work easier.

@bravenel, can we get return from away as an option in RM?

You can also use a switch to return from away mode. So, rule machine can turn a switch on to get the exact same functionality.

You can do this already in RM. What do you think "return from away" means? How do you trigger it? What happens next? If you are want to set the mode the way the times are set up in Mode Manager, then you should do this in Mode Manager. One option there is to use a switch to return from away, so that it uses the time schedules for selecting the mode. That switch could be a virtual switch set by some rule in RM.

I'll go the switch route but it would be nice not to have to add that intermediate step.

So which is it?

I might be misinterpretting what you said above, but how do you trigger Return From Away via RM?

Problem: I have two different Away modes:

  • Away - all motion sensors active
  • Dogs Home - no motion sensors in rooms dogs have access to

I've set up the virtual switch for Return From Away and it works, albeit only with the Away mode. It doesn't work for Dogs Home.

So your first sentence that RM can do it makes me wonder/hope that I could setup a rule to do the same thing...? or do you just mean that RM could completely replace Mode Manager's time-based management? @bravenel

So I went to create some new logs to show this, as last night it wasn't working. Tonight it's working just fine.

[app:457](http://hubitat/logs#app457)2020-03-20 10:31:00.053 pm [info](http://hubitat/installedapp/configure/457)Mode set to Evening from Dogs Home

So it already does work as desired. Not sure what happened last night when I was testing. I'll keep an eye and see what happens.