Retrieving a security cam image into a Pushover message

I'm looking for a way to configure a rule that will retrieve an image from a security camera, and then attach that image to a Pushover message when motion is detected.

I'm in the process of migrating from a Veralite to Hubitat. I have just about all the custom automations I had in Vera migrated now. I was able to migrate most of the automations using rule engine, but I can't seem to find a way to use RE to accomplish this.

In my Vera LUUP code, I used the following commands to retrieve the image, save it to a temporary location and send the Pushover message with the image attached:

os.execute('curl http://<camera_IP>/Streaming/channels/1/picture?snapShotImageType=JPEG > /tmp/camera2.jpg')
os.execute('curl -F "token=" -F "user=" -F "message=DRIVEWAY : "' .. mydate .. '" : Batt ["' .. battery .. '"]" -F "sound=pushover" -F "priority=1" -F "attachment=@/tmp/camera2.jpg"')

How would I do the same in Hubitat? I was able to send a Pushover message (without an attachment) using the 'Send HTTP Post' Action in the Rule Engine, but how would I send an HTTP command to retrieve the image and save it in a temporary location?

Thanks for the help!

Not what you asks.
This is what I do. When there is a trigger in Hubitat there is a pushover and I send a post request to my camera system (Synology), My Synology is saving a snapshot and send it by mail to me.

Thanks @BrunoVoeten

That sounds very similar to the configuration I started with on my Veralite. I eventually changed it to send the snapshot directly to the Pushover notification. It worked very well and I'd like to replicate it on Hubitat if possible. If not, then I may do something similar to what you did (or keep my Veralite around so I can continue with this functionality).

I'm thinking it must be possible within the Hubitat framework, but I think it may be beyond the functionality of the Rule Engine. Perhaps I should have posted this question to the Developers forum category.

Is there some way to re-categorize my post? (Note: this is my first post on this forum, so I'm still finding my way around)

No idea

@BrunoVoeten Can you please share how you send requested to Synology ?