Retracting TV webcam for Zoom

Not an original project but we occasionally do zoom meetings with friends from our family room. I used to perch a webcam on top of the TV but always had a creepy feeling having a cam pointed at everything we do (even though I know the PC is physically off).

So I built this retract mechanism Retractable mechanism for Playstation camera, webcam, Xbox camera or Wii bar by 2by2 - Thingiverse with a few custom bits like a mount for a proper webcam and to have the thing sit on my TV mount instead of being stuck to the back of the TV.

It's run by a Wemos D1 (per the project page) but is controlled via MQTT instead of homey that the project creator uses. On the PC side a shortcut launches zoom as well as sending a http request to maker API to turn on a virtual switch which in turn triggers an MQTT message to extend the arm. When I shutdown the PC another script is run to retract the arm (which also confirms the PC is being turned off).


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