Resume Music after Text to Speech on Google home device/s

Does anyone have a way to get a google speaker to resume playing music after a TTS message?
Wife gets very frustrated...Thank you..


Broadcasting is the only way.. and for that you can use for example awesome Google Assistant Relay.

I got lost trying to set this up. Hopefully an easier method comes along, or I have some time to dive into it again with better results.

This same question, only on Sonos, is my #1 home automation request. I swear this used to work 5 years ago just fine with Sonos, but something within their API changed and it's screwed now.

It's too bad that Google can't add this capability. Tried it with my Alexa and it lowers the music level and returns after the TTS message is complete.

My pup has separation anxiety, so when my wife and I leave, we always have Google play continuous dog separation anxiety music. It does work because we check the cams and she is fine. We also use Better Laundry Monitor which lets us know the laundry needs atttention. When the app announces, Google stops playing and doesn’t resume.

So we don’t start the laundry before we leave.

Google does need to resume.

@CurtisZM I have Alexa also. Will use that instead. Thanks for posting!

Haven't tried it recently, but for Sonos "playTextAndRestore" (rather than "Speak") used to work for me.

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I found the answer in another thread, if you issue a "Refresh" first, and then "playTextAndRestore" it works (with my limited testing). If I don't issue the refresh first, it doesn't resume/restore.

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Have to see if Bryan has tried this.

Tried what, exactly??

playTextAndRestore Not sure if that is relevant to follow me. I'm no coder by no means. If not, my apologies.

Chromecast Integration Beta app doesn't use the playTextAndRestore command, that is for Alexa Speak devices (and others).

Unless Hubitat updates their Chromecast Integration Beta app, we can't resume music on our Google/Nest devices.

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