Restrictions on individual devices within scenes

I love that scenes makes it easy to activate a group of lights with a built in fade. However, the issue I am running into is when I want certain parts of a scene to not play.

For example, my lights come on at sunset, but I might be cooking in the kitchen with the lights on already at 100%. Because I am cooking, I would not want the kitchen light to adjust, but every other light in that scene I would. Is it possible to restrict individual devices within a scene from adjusting?

Have you considered splitting the scene into 2 so that they may be activated together or separately?

Not without completely reconceptualizing the app. Under what conditions should a given device be restricted? That becomes the issue, and this app just isn't cut out to offer that sort of detail control.

This sounds like a need for two different Scenes, where possibly one of them is activated by the other. So the subset Scene is activated when the larger Scene is activated. If you only want the subset, that's what you activate in that circumstance. Presumably you'd need some logic to decide which to do for any given circumstance.

Yea, I thought of separating these out. Ok, Ill think through some logic and figure it out like that. Thanks as always for the quick help.