"Restrictions" language seemingly contradictory

I believe the verbiage surrounding "Restrictions" – in Basic Rules particularly, as compared with the online Docs – could use some clarification. They currently contradict each other, IMHO, potentially leaving users unsure as to what Restrictions actually do.

For example, in the Basic Rules app UI, one reads:
"RESTRICTIONS: This Basic Rule will only run when these restrictions do not apply."

While over in the Docs, it says:
"Simply adding a Restriction will limit your Basic Rule to only performing the actions when the specified conditions are true."

I believe the latter statement to be the more accurate of the two. Rules will proceed (be evaluated and perform actions) so long as the indicated restrictions are TRUE. Should any of them become FALSE, the rule is impeded, no actions performed.

If I'm right, the UI's language should read:
"This Basic Rule will only run when these restrictions apply."

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You're right. It should say "run when these restrictions are met."


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