Restrictions in Motion Lighting

Hi Team,

Not sure if its feasible, but is it possible to have restrictions/required expressions added for motion lighting apps? Similar to basic rules/rm?

I'd like to restrict a motion lighting rule from triggering until certain conditions are met, like mode/state etc. I realise you can restrict lights from turning on within the app itself, but I was hoping to be able to restrict the triggering as well.



I understand that you’re perhaps requesting a future addition to motion lighting, but if you just want to get to the desired result, you can simply create a rule that enables a virtual switch when the predicate conditions are met, and disables it when they are not. Then just point to that same virtual switch to enable or disable your motion lighting app, depending on the switch state.


So create an RM rule to pause/resume the Motion Lighting rule when state switch not met/met?

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Restrictions as part of the Motion Lighting app would make that a bit more straightforward of course but that'll do as a workaround for the time being. Thanks for that.


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