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Hi guys,

I am currently in the process of adapting all my webcore pistons to hubitat. Right now I am stuck at how to restore a light state that I captured in a different rule. In webcore you could capture to "global state" and it would work.

My scenario is the following: When I activate an activity with my harmony hub (e.g watch tv) (triggered rule) my lights dim down etc. In this rule I also capture lights state before they dim down. Now in a different rule I want to restore these lights when I turn off (which is the trigger) the harmony activity.....

So far I only discovered the possibility to restore states within the same rule.....

Can you help me?

Instead of making two rules, make one.

After you capture the state of the lights, add a “Wait for Event” or “Wait for Condition” action to that rule that waits for the trigger of the original 2nd rule. Once that event happens, you can restore the captured lights. This way you can do it all in one rule and don’t have to worry about any kind of global states. The Wait actions practically pause the rule until something happens

Cool thanks! That seems to work!!

Just one more general question:

Is there any way to reduce the 1 minute refresh time with the hue hub? So that it doesnt take 1 minute for hubitat to catch the bulbs correct state?

No, 1 minute is the smallest increment you can go to. That is actually all that the Hue bridge supports and is not a limitation of the Hubitat hub. I have the same issue but you learn to live with it :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks for your quick help!

Best regards!

Why does the HE app allow a selection of 10 seconds?

Interesting, never looked at it again after I installed it.... Going to check it out

Yeah....but I read somewhere that selecting 10 sec doesnt do anything and 1 minute is the recommended time.....

10 seconds is the smallest. Go into the Hue integration in HE and click on options. I use 10 seconds and it works perfectly. I only have 7 bulbs on my hue bridge. If you have a ton then it probably wouldn't work.

Cool thanks! Will try that!

Just tried it out. Doesn't work for me. I set it to 10 seconds but it still takes 1 minute to refresh states.

You changed the setting and hit done? Then where are you changing the state of the light. Works perfectly for me (and everyone else). So, odds are it is not the software.

Weird...yesterday it didnt work. Today I checked and it suddenly works....

In rule machine it is possible to select poll as an action....however I cant choose any device....

I would love to have the polling feature integrated into a rule to have it poll the hue bridge before capturing its state automatically. That would be awesome.....

You can only poll devices that have the poll capability. However, if it is working, why do you need a rule to do it too? I would recommend against doing that.

You can always use a custom action though, if it doesn't have the right capability but does have the proper commands.

My hue bridge should have that capability though? Why can't I select it then.
I would use it because it would be even faster than 10 seconds. It would poll right when I need it....

Sorry, the DRIVER has to have that capability. And it is built into the hue integration app. How would you know to poll right when you needed it? The polling is only for changes made OUTSIDE of HE. So, how would HE know to poll it right then?

This is why i recommended not doing it....excessive polling to your hue bridge will actually slow down your system overall. It will bog down your network and your hub and your bridge.

Polling only if I need it would be way less excessiv then automatically polling every 10 seconds right?

I have a rule that gets triggered if my tv turns on. It then captures the lights current state and dims down. When I turn off my tv it puts lights to their original state. Now if I poll the bridge before capturing its state I would always get immediate accurate light states.

I dont get it. The driver of the app can do automatic polling but no manual polling? that why I cant chose the bridge as an option in rule machine?

The polling is only necessary for changes made OUTSIDE of HE. If HE makes a change to your hue lights that should show up immediately. There is no polling needed for that ever. HE is the one doing the commanding. Polling is only used to get changes made in the Hue app to show up in HE. NOT for commands that started in HE. There is no polling needed then.,

Oh man I feel stupid now....sorry I didnt get that. I thought every change of light state would need a poll for HE to see it. I was changing lights states with my hue dimmer. But this wont be necessary anymore since Im going to replace it with my dashboard.

Thanks for being so patient with me....I get it now.

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No problem. I knew you'd get it eventually. :slight_smile: