Restart crashing hub

I have two hubs a C-5 and a C-7. The C-5 is crashing once every 3-5 days and I don't have the energy to troubleshoot it as there are hundreds of devices and lots of apps on it.
Is there a way to have the C-7 ping the C-5 every ten minutes? And then if the C-5 is unresponsive it would be able to reboot it via smart plug(connected to the C-7)?

The easiest thing to do here would be a nightly reboot at some point when nothing is running. There is a community app or you can create a rule. I'll take a look at the hub in the meantime.

Edit: could you please create a backup, download it, and restore it right back? That will put a behind-the-scenes database in a clean state. This could be an easy fix - I see some log entries that may be related.

Thanks for looking into this! I restored the backup, and there was an update notification so i updated also. I do have the Rebooter app. But one night, the crash ocurred after the reboot scheduled around 2am. So a temperature dependent space heater connected to a smart plug never turned off, and the room ended up being really hot. If i can catch a crashed hub earlier it wouldn't be so dangerous.

Did you do a reboot or a restart out of the app? Seeing a lot of comments that seem to say a restart causes a hub lockup.

I use this Rebooter App. I actually scheduled it to 4am, so maybe the crash happened before it had a chance to reboot


Looks like you're using the correct option (reboot), so my point is moot.

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Hi there, that is terrible. No one wants to babysit a smart home system. I know I don't. A crashing hub every few days is not expected or normal. Having a hub on a reboot schedule is really a band-aid to cover some underlying issues that need to be addressed. Keep in mind that mixing and matching devices and integrations that have not been tested by our engineers, may have adverse effect on hub's performance. With the release of 2.2.5 update, you now have better tools to take more informed actions on specific integrations that are taxing the hub's resources.

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What tools? Are these apps?

I completely understand the risk of installing untested integrations. I'm just a novice blindly installing everything without understanding anything under the hood. I'm just amazed and grateful they work in the first place.

Finding the right mix of apps and devices to suit your needs, takes patience. My suggestion is to make incremental changes to your system rather than trying everything at once and hoping for the best result. If something goes wrong, your place to start is Logs (past Logs). Look for errors and warnings and see where they are coming from. If you don't have the time and energy to chase the problem, then removing the app or driver may be the quickest fix. The new release introduced device and app runtime statistics, as well as enhanced system notification, that may help you identify what apps and devices may put a strain on your hub. You can find more details about these stats on the "Logs" page under "Device stats" and "App stats".

For more details on "Logs" and how to read them, please check out the following document:

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