[RESOLVED] Occasional Blue Light On Hub

Hi folks,

This is my first post here so please don't tear me a new one if I'm breaking a rule or something. I'm also a new user of the Hubitat but I'm not a newb when it comes to home automation. Anyway, on to my question. What does a blue light on a hub mean and is it common for a hub to from green light (accessible) to blue intermittently and then back to green (repeating throughout the day)?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.


This is not normal. Contact support. Tagging @bobbyD


That's a new one on me, @bobbyD any ideas?


great minds


To be a bit clearer, this isn't happening every minute or even every hour that I can tell. It appears to be completely random but it does happen (obviously) often enough to be crazy annoying.

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Maybe the engineering logs will shed some light...

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I apologize for this question being rude. You definitely don't have any form of blue/green color-blindness right? I know someone else who setup a hub a long time back, and I had them take a video with their phone to confirm that the LED was blue.

Thanks. I had no idea those logs existed. I'll see what I can find.

Lmao! No worries. It's not rude at all. I'm asking for help so I need to be open enough to answer valid questions. No I don't have any colour blindness at all. It's definitely going blue and becomes unreachable, before it eventually goes green again and repeats at some future time. Is it too simplistic to assume that it's rebooting or ?

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Support is the only ones that can access them, and then only with your permission and the MAC address from the hub.

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Understood. I'll have to message them I think.

no need here comes BobbyD

How is your hub powered? I have seen this kind of issue when hub was plugged into a "smart outlet." Going from blue to green randomly is not something that is based on software.

It went blue again while I was typing my last msg.

I have it plugged into a surge protector using the usb transformer that it came with. Should I try plugging direct to a wall outlet for a day or two?

Please send us an email so we can further investigate: support@hubitat.com.

Yes, please if you have a different power supply you can use, I would try that too.


I'll give those things a try and email support with the results. Thanks so much for being willing to help so quickly. I'm not used to such quick support!


This could be it. And @bobbyD is on it!

Just make sure the alternative USB power brick you use can put out at least 1A at 5V. Under-powering is a bad idea.

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