[RESOLVED] Is Remote access down? 7-28 4:25 est

Is Remote Access down?..I have hooked up many times before from work and I'm getting this message.

This page isn’t working

remoteaccess.aws.hubitat.com didn’t send any data.


I'm getting no response at all... just a spinning wheel. @bobbyD maybe some funky stuff at aws?

Hmm... regular cloud services working (I can see dashboards)

I have the same problem, we are looking into it.


Please give it another try now and let me know if you have any more problems.

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Remote Admin service is up and running, no outage.

A reboot got me back... could have been a temporary thing... or a me thing.

Its been over a hr and the app wont work. 4:28pm cst

Rebooting the hub fixed it but why? Some type of dns issue?
It wasn't going to return without a reboot or it was going to take a long time.
Why doesn't Diagnostic Tool check its connection to the server? Can that be added?

Coincidence? The service was slower for some users, so we restarted the service. Doing so brought the server down, briefly, but that is on the server side, nothing to do with the hub.

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