Reseting leak sensor

I have several leak sensors in my setup. Most of them Zlink Leak Sensors. Once the sensing cable gets wet it takes some time for it to dry out, so I just power it down as it is difficult to reach and disconnect the moisture sensor in my location. The problem is: once a sensor dries out when it is powered down the hub does not receive change to dry event, so the device forever stays in the wet state. How to reset it back to dry without going through all the complicated procedure of removing/adding it ?

What type/driver are you using?

A proper (IMO) driver would offer a refresh option to fetch the current state from the device.

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Why not create a "dry out timer" that blocks the Leak Sensor in the Alert?

You could create a virtual switch that starts a 2 hour "dry out" delay. At the end of the delay the virtual switch is reset back to off. That switch is used, in whatever Alert rule you have, as a condition.