Reset/re-enable Motion lighting after Rule turns off light

I have a light that I'm trying to give double duty. I have a rule that turns on and sets the light to Red on condtions of locks unlocked/contact sensors opened. Once contacts/locks close, rule turns the light off.

The same light is part of a very simple motion lighting automation in Room Lighting that turns the light on w/motion from a single motion sensor, turns the light off after two minutes of inactivity.

Problem: After the Rule completes and turns the light off, the Room LIghting app automation doesn't kick in again for a long time (I timed up to at least 5 minutes). WAF is low on that, she wants the Room Lighting motion automation to start working as soon as possible after the Rule turns the light off when contacts close/locks are locked.

Is there a way to "reset" an RL automation so that as soon as possible after the rule completes/turns off the light, that the RL automation is functional and light turns on w/motion?

You would think the app would store the previous settings and reset the light to the way it was before turning it red.

Crazy, huh!?

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But if I understand you correctly, it's not that the light state (color/temp, etc.) isn't being saved/restored, it's that the RL automation doesn't run at all for a while after the light's been turned off by a rule. That make sense, or am I missing your point (which has happened once, maybe twice). :wink:

Or are you saying the "state" could include "ready to be used by the automation"? I wasn't aware that was something that could be captured/applied.

Is there a way in Event Engine to have a light booth on motion, but also be able to turn it on separately with out the motion rule turning it back off after x min of in activity?
I have a set of can lights on a motion rule overnight, but on those nights i can't sleep i would like to be able to turn them on without them shutting off after 7 minutes of inactivity.

I've played around with RL, but i can't wrap my head around it yet.

Set in RL the setting in means to turn off, switches that determine all lights are off. Set it to the light. This will reset the RL app to inactive when the light turns off so it is ready for an activation again.

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