Required Expressions

I have a rule to change room temp depending on the security alarm status but need to add a condition "if" the thermostat is manually in the Off position. Right now if the thermostat is off when the rule is triggered it comes back on. I thought using a Required Expression but did not see a way to make it work

Is it possible for the system to see when the thermostat is "manually" in the off position? If the logs differentiate from it being turned on manual or digital it may be possible with another 2 rules. You could create a global variable set to boolean. One rule with a trigger of physical on to flip the boolean true, another with physical off to flip the boolean false. The required expression in the main rule would then be that boolean being true/false.

You could put a switch or button next to the thermostat, where turning it on or pressing the button could be used in an if condition in this rule to not change the operating mode.