Required expression, temperature between to points?

Is it possible to set up a required expression for a temperature between two levels. I thought this might work.

But it says it is a "Broken Condition." I assume I am misunderstanding how "in" is supposed to work. Is there a way to do this?

Did you actually click "done with required expression"?


Very weird. I tried it and it worked just fine. If you click "done with required expression" again can you post the resulting screen shot again? If it still does it maybe delete the rule and start again? Maybe something got corrupted.

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Thanks for the reply. I deleted it and started over and it works as expected. I must have corrupted it with an edit first time around.

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Just a footnote. I played with this further and encountered the same "Broken Condition" error when I tried to edit the required condition. Adding a new required condition and deleting the previous version solves it.

Weird. Might be a big if you can replicate it that easily. @bobbyd maybe worth a look-see?