Request to change HSM status failed

Good day everyone,

I've been having these issue once in a while. Usually when the Hubitat is running for more than 30 days without being restarted. Not sure where to look to see what is causing it. A reset will fix it but just temporarily and usually I have this issue when I am away form home and I am either trying to arm or disarm the alarm.

Please advise.


Is there a related error in your logs?

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Sorry, I failed to mentioned that I couldn't find anything on the logs. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Where should I start?

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Is it possible that you are looking at your current logs? You will only see something in those if the current log screen is open in your browser when the error occurs. Otherwise, slide down the logs until you see the other options as per the screenshot below, and open your “Past Logs” to see if there is something related to HSM.

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