Request for Elk M1 help please


It would be good to have somebody else testing as at the moment I only have one person testing the Hubitat integration and its quite hard to debug due to the time difference. Im definitely happy to keep trying (we're nearly there - it creates all devices and you can see all the zones, so not far away from fully working in HE now!)


If you need another tester, i have an M1 also.


Great, that would be good. I promise we will get this working! Its very close now, as @buckchucko says it pulls zone names and status, plus controls output, just something not working with Hubitat receiving the JSON messages it seems.


Just let me know what you need to do. I'm a complete newbie to this, so if i need to buy and flash an ESP8266, just let me know what i need to start helping out


Just curious but why the ESP8266 and not a direct integration?


Cjcharles used this already to connect to St. He is tweaking the same drivers so it will also work for Hubitat. You should contact him where he can give you more details.


@buckchucko - Did you get this integration working in the end? Its working really smoothly on ST now so thought I would check if the same applied here!


Actually cjcharles is a no-show now. Haven't heard from him in several months. At this point, I suspect he has given up. He got it to connect, but HE doesn't know what to do with it. cjcharles is not successful with the driver.

However, there is better news. Go to ekimmagrann Profile - ekimmagrann - Hubitat and you will see he has got it all worked out. I am beta testing with him and have been using it a couple of weeks successfully. Better than using an ESP. Just set it up and try it out.


I've been on honeymoon as I mentioned, but glad you got it sorted.

Sorry not to manage the Hubitat side before I went, but I imagine it was just a tiny tweak or two in the Hubitat device handler to have everything working smoothly. If you need it then let me know and I can work out what step is missing.

The main advantage of the ESP route is that you don't need the XEP module, hence can save that cost if you don't already have one.


Thanks for the update! Beings that I didn't have an ESP and already owned the XEP module, I took a different route. I tried seeing if I could leverage your work but I don't think it was possible. It would be nice if a user could download the Elk App and choose xep (my version) or esp (your version). I am not a programmer so I don't know!

Oh and Happy Honeymooning!



Wow! Surprise @ cjcharles.
I wondered what happened to you. Congradulations.
I have always had the XEP anyway. ekimmagrann's efforts with his method is mostly working, albiet some delay issues. but not dealbreakers.
I have outputs, zones, tasks, arming woking.