REQUEST: C7 Zwave device pairing issues - create "official" sticky Help post

Request to Hubitat Staff and/or Hubitat forum community leaders:

Given the known issues w/the C7 hub and pairing Zwave devices that are being discussed on multiple threads, can we please get an official sticky post here that summarizes the C7 Zwave pairing issues and provides the most effective known work-around(s).

New C7 users who experience this frustrating initial setup issue and come looking for help should at least have a fast and effective support experience. Having an "official" post also makes it easier for forum members to direct folks to the message if they don't see it and start a new thread.

I'm aware that Hubitat is actively working on this issue, and that is good, the quick response of the engineers is gratifying. However, unless it's a quick fix and an update is coming tomorrow, an official post will go a long way to providing reasonable level of customer service and reducing customer frustration until the fix is rolled out.

I'm admittedly more than a little self-interested, as my C7 hub arrives tomorrow (yay!!), and I have a bunch of Zwave+ switches and several other Zwave+ devices. I would really like to have clear direction from Hubitat on what I can do/should not do to be successful if I want to try to pair my Zwave devices, and if there are any effects of using a work-around (e.g., if say choosing no security is one option) that I need to know about.

Thanks for listening... :slight_smile: Looking forward to my first C7 play date tomorrow...