[Request] Battery level from "Mobile App Device"

Hello, everyone. I would like to make a request that the "Mobile App Device" driver (and related mobile app for Android/iOS) support battery level. I have a few reasons for this:

  • I would like to be able to trigger plugs off at 80% charge so that I can optimally charge my phone battery and extend its life by not going into the the 80 to 100 percent range unnecessarily. If the phone app reported to the "Mobile App Device" driver battery level I could do this easily.
  • I would also like to be able to send alerts if the power supply for an always on tablet failed
  • I would also like to know if my wife or kids devices end up dying when they are out and TTS over a speaker or notification or something. Obviously dead devices cannot send messages but below a threshold and a last report date together would be enough.

IFTTT is not sufficient for this because I can only get an event at 15% and the level is not configurable. I can get this through a lot of other hoops but I don't like all of the moving parts and I have to use the app anyway. It would be great if I had it in the app.


Read this waayyyy too fast and thought to myself, "wonder how I'd trigger a notification that my spouse had deceased."

Time to get professional help perhaps?


I like your suggestion. I have a plan in my head to achieve this with Tasker (Android only) and an HTTP Request to Maker API to turn on/off a Zwave plug as well as reminders on Alexa using Echo Speaks. I have a couple of Zwave plugs en route to finally do it.

I already monitor my cell phone battery on HE. I use a virtual temperature sensor because I can't find a virtual device that will let me set a battery level. I am sure it can be done with a custom driver; I just don't have that knowledge yet.

I have done the same in the past. I typically end up disabling it because I do not like Tasker. It is powerful but it comes with a battery cost and another persistent notification. Right now the only reason for me for Tasker is this battery level task. I would prefer to consolidate it away.

Could someone help me out! I'm trying to achieve what stephen_nutt is describing. First thing I did

Is this correct? Can't tell if http is being received by hubitat.

Sorry I missed your post. If you haven't gotten it working, can you post the full http request (minus your access token of course)?