[Request] Add option to Write and Append to local file in Notifications app

I would like to log notifications sent from the Notifications app. So an option, beside Text and Audio, to write and append to a local file would be helpful.

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I will look into that. It's an interesting idea, and perhaps could be an option on all of the apps that can send notifications.

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[SOLVED: See below]

In general terms, I imagine it would be feasible to create a Hub Variable -- let's call it WriteMsg -- into which you could "save" (store) your new notification text.

Then just create an RM rule, to be triggered whenever WriteMsg changes, which reacts by writing the contents of that variable to a file. Would such a construct suffice? (I'm assuming, of course, that it's currently possible and as straightforward as I'm laying it out to be here.)

I've already implemented this in Notifier. Works great. No need for the RM stuff.... I'll put this into 2.3.0 first hot fix release. I told the app to write to file called NotificationsLog.


Wow, that was quick. Thank you!

Do I need to create this file or do anything else to get the logging to work?
I have switch on logging but looking in the Local Files section, I haven’t any file where notifications is logged.

This isn't logging. This is 'sending' a notification to a local file. This hasn't been released yet. Coming in next hot fix release.

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Ah, sorry. I missed the “coming to first hot fix” part... :crazy_face:

Release 2.3.0 Available - #3 by bravenel

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